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Cover Story:
Best of the Bach
Brett Campell looks at Toni Pimble's Bach ballet and other highlights of this year's Bach Festival.

West Nile Skinny

Protest in Sacramento

Corporate Welfare

March for Justice

Dear Speeder

Hospitals Update

Women in Biz

Insider Baseball:
The Stinge Factor
R's have gone about as far as they can go.

Living Out:
No Underpants
Road to revelation is sometimes paved with speculums.

Out of Commission:
Odds and Ends
What's odd never ends.

sound off..'

What's Happening:
The Ems have their first home game, phenomenal guitarist Ottmar Liebert performs at Secret House Vineyards, 10th Annual KLCC Garden Tour and Karen X. Tulchinsky reads at Mother Kali's.

The week's events at a glance.

Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

Forests and Fires
John Henry's hosts (the concubot) and CFD benefit.

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's
Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man

Film Reviews:

The Dancer Upstairs
Malkovich directs understated, intelligent film.

Hollywood Homicide
Nothing works here.

PLUS:Movie Listings.

A Whole Latte Love
Amanda Hesser chronicles recipe for romance.

Hut on the Summit
Snooze with furry friends at Little Cowhorn Lookout.

Get Out! Ew's Outdoors guide

Chow! Eugene Weekly's restaurant Guide

Best of Eugene

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