Nice smile, ain't it? But would it have done him any good if he'd made it passed the semi-final casting round for the CBS "Survivor III" show in Africa last summer? Doubt it. I bet he would've been eaten by pygmies. However, that impish grin does blend nicely with the mix of folk and rock and comedy he plays in a special storytelling style. Nice pygmie. Down. Monday, Sam Bond's Garage. -BF


You gotta love any band that includes hidden tracks on their CDs. How cool is it when you forget the music, head to the bathroom, and when you're halfway through reading the label on your Head 'n Shoulders you realize the music's been off but now a new song's popping up, like "In My Head," a hidden Psychedelic Furs cover that appears on Riddance's newest release, Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit. You flush, light a match, and start boogying to their catchy, aggressive punk rock with a melodic edge. Thursday, WOW Hall. -BF

Heralded as "Eugene's favorite home-grown band", Syrius employs a "y" where most people would just use an "e." And they drop an "o." Does this speak to the inner tinkerings of their diabolical minds, the darkness that rests deeply within their souls, the quality of their rock 'n roll? To find out, tune in on Saturday when Shane, Jesse, Gabe and Greg answer these questions and more in a Big Head Todd-meets-the-Black Crowes kind of way. Saturday, Wild Duck. -BF

I hear that in the name of safety, our government's been hoarding tons of the Annavox vaccine. I'm putting in a special call for large doses to be delivered, 'cause the virus is comin' to town. Featuring a cello wedged between two guitars, the Anna trio has three voices - one throaty female, a syrupy male falsetto and a soulful baritone. With their creative sound and charismatic construction, they'ze on the way up. With worth-seeing Abandon Ship, and Carsie Bean Blue. Friday, Cozmic Pizza. -BF


Barnes with Beans
Plus, Mood's romantic tangoes round out the week.

I like Danny Barnes. Once you see him perform live, you'll like him, too. It seems that no matter who Barnes chooses to play with, the results are fabulous, whether the group is The Bad Livers, Thee Old Codgers, local bluegrass outfit Honey Buckit or just by himself.


Barnes began infiltrating the unsuspecting bluegrass world years ago as a member of Austin's The Bad Livers. The Livers injected a bit of punk adrenaline into their music, doing lightning fast covers of popular punk songs, among their own originals. When Barnes comes to town Saturday, he'll be at Sam Bond's along with North Carolina's Greasy Beans.

Barnes and the Beans have known each other for years, since Barnes's Bad Liver days, so it was only a matter of time before their schedules would wind themselves together. Barnes speaks very highly of the Beans. He doesn't care much for what many new acoustic artists are doing these days. He says the new approaches to bluegrass and acoustic music seem "separate from the earth, and so you don't hear the earth in their music. Poor people, and people of the earth have a connection to the older vibrations. One doesn't develop soul from a book called How to Play the Mandolin and a metronome. You have to have it in your blood."

And the Beans do, he asserts, while at the same time acknowledging that most music fans haven't heard of the Bean boys. Barnes waxes further, "These are mule-riding, fish-eating country boys" who appreciate a big pile of grits.

The Beans' CD Real Live Music resonates with an old-timey sound. There's no gimmick here, and it doesn't feel forced one bit. Originally they were a five-piece and recorded their CD as a four-piece. Nowadays, they're a trio, but they include friend and fiddler Cailen Campbell as much as possible. At this show, Barnes and the Beans will play their own stuff as well as playing each other's stuff together.


On Tuesday, local phenoms Mood Area 52 will perform at WOW Hall, opening for Damo Suzuki's Network. Mood Area 52 have experienced some changes in the past few months: Percussionist Derek Trost migrated to Portland and saxophonist David Roderick has returned to school and so has cut down his playing with the band. The new Mood-sters are violinist Anthony Dyer and Kee Zublin, a regular sax player with local brass band Wheel of Meat, has signed on.

Dustin Lanker, one half of Visible Men, will be joining the band on piano, but only at venues that already have a piano in place, which means Sam Bonds! I recently received a CD of some new music from the band and it's just as enjoyable as their other material.

If anything, the new material seems even more sensuous than before, with less of a jumpy accordion and more smoothly flowing melodies, aided in part by the beautiful violin. If you're a fan of Mood Area 52's romantic tangos, you won't be disappointed. If you have yet to hear them, don't delay.

Damo Suzuki's name is well known to any fans of prog-rock or krautrock. He's sung on four albums by the legendary Germans known as Can. With the Network, a collective of musicians from all over the world, Suzuki has been continuing to realize his unique vision of improvisational compositions. He records his music live at concerts, choosing now to avoid studios altogether. His latest release, Metaphysical Transfer, is a two-CD set of tracks recorded live from shows in Seattle, Vancouver and Los Angeles, including two tracks recorded in Eugene at Sam Bond's Oct. 6, 2000. No matter what Suzuki is working on, he always brings an inspirational experimentation to his work. As he says, "I'm not interested to see passed landscapes again. I feel like I'm in a train traveling down the track. I'm anxious to get to the next station, and if this stop is not on the map, it will be much more fun."

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Raucous and Real
Koozies, Kerr release new discs.

On Saturday the 24th, The Wetlands Brew Pub will play host to the boisterous, stomp-worthy country music of The Koozies. Yes, the band is named after those foam containers that you use to keep your beer cold on a hot day. The band even sells Koozies imprinted with their logo and the slogan "Keep It Cool," which happens to be the title of their new CD.

The 12-song disc was recorded during a two-week period at Pro Arts Studio in Eugene. Last year, the band recorded an album's worth of material at another studio, but various obstacles prevented them from finishing the mixing process. As time dragged on, The Koozies grew restless and decided they would be better off recording the whole thing over again.


"Six months went by and we had evolved into a harder, edgier group," says band member Tuan Bui. "We went into Pro Arts with a 'let's just do it' attitude, and the next thing we knew, we had the CD in our hands."

According to Bui, The Koozies' songs are mostly about "drinking a lot of whiskey and beer, kicking ass and walking away with smiles on our faces."

Songwriting duties are split between guitarist/vocalist Jacob Pruzinsky and Bui, who plays guitar, mandolin and banjo. Bui says that The Koozies draw upon a mixture of classic and alternative country sounds — everything from Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to the newer stylings of The Gourds, Bad Livers and Hayseed Dixie.

"I have no idea what's coming out of Nashville these days," he adds. "I don't listen to pop country radio. The stuff we listen to is a lot more original-sounding and underground."

The Koozies' new CD does a fine job of reflecting their energy, but the band has a reputation for turning things up a notch when they play live. Songs tempos speed up and band members lay into their instruments with a vengeance, resulting in a more raw yet no less entertaining performance. Given that, Saturday's show at The Wetlands promises to be one of the most raucous events in Eugene this weekend. Portland roots rock combo Dizzy Elmer will open the show.

Anyone looking for a less rambunctious evening might want to check out folk-rock musician/storyteller Andrew Kerr at Sam Bond's Garage on Monday the 26th. Kerr began his performing career 10 years ago as a stand-up comic, and it shows. He applies a healthy dose of witticism to his music, to satisfying effect.

Kerr's new disc Rock Star is chock full of smooth, mellow, soulful tunes and off-the-wall humor. For example, in "Saturday Night" he begins by describing a place that he goes once a week, "where everyone knows my name. I come here to work through my pain ... It's a quarter to one and I'm feeling alright, I pull up a chair 'cause I'll be here all night." Is he singing about his favorite watering hole? Meeting his pals at the neighborhood bar? Nope. By the end of the song, the listener realizes that Kerr is actually describing an all-night session at Kinko's, where he copies flyers for his concerts until dawn and his "friends" give him a deal on computer time.

"I do it for the screaming groupies," he jests in the CD's title track, a satiric yet hopeful portrayal of a coast-to-coast tour, during which he finds himself seeking fame and glory in the decidedly non-glamorous confines of book stores, coffee houses and mall food courts.

Kerr's songs touch on a variety of bizarre topics — applying to be on the TV show "Survivor," accidentally receiving a fan letter intended for Britney Spears, and teaching coal miners how to plan for retirement in eastern Kentucky. "The real men had about 25 guns, and the sensitive New Age guys only had 10." He takes a jab at assorted peculiarities of modern life, yet he manages to deliver his message without coming across as malicious or snide. If nothing else, Kerr is a true musical diplomat.   

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Power to the Peaceful
An interview with Michael Franti.

Eugene favorite and socially conscious funk, reggae, punk-rock and hip-hop sensation Michael Franti returns with Spearhead to the McDonald Theatre. I'd get your tickets early.

In recent Mother Jones and Wiretap interviews, Franti touched on issues such as the Patriot Act and its implications on human rights; Howard Zinn and the role musicians and artists have in transcending the propaganda of our times; the death penalty, flag waving and the very concept of "staying human." Those interviews are available at and


For EW readers, Franti also addressed several newer inquiries:

What's your real name?

Michael Jacob Franti. That's the name given to me by my adoptive parents, but my mother named me Hugh. I'm glad I haven't lived my whole life as Hugh. I don't think it would've worked as Hugh and Spearhead.

Here's a heavy question. 9-11. If you had known who was to be responsible for the big BANG, and if you'd had the opportunity, would you have locked the naked perpetrators in a vat of pissed-off electric eels?

Um - no. I don't agree with what happened, but I don't think things are that black and white or as simplistic to say that if we'd locked the people up that someone else wouldn't have done it anyway. We need to look at things on a more holistic approach as to why there's violence in the world, why there's militarism and corporate interests that are always taking precedent over the human and the natural interests in the world.

You're a poet. Please give any message to our readers in exactly 12 words, no more or less. On my mark - go!

Power to the peaceful. That's four. So repeat it two more times.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

I've had a million dollars, just not all at once. I think if I was ridiculously wealthy I'd create a space for young people to be creative. That's what's missing from schools today; that's why kids are dropping out; that's why kids are losing the path. I was one of those kids, and for a long time I grew up feeling like just fuck the system and fuck schools and fuck everybody, and really what I wanted was just to paint a picture or learn an instrument, or -

Go surfing. Animal rights, are you into that?

I'm into respecting life, whether it's animal rights or micro-organisms or human life. There's enough forces in the world that are doing the best they can to profit off of death and destruction that I think life needs a little life support.

Mind telling me what your song "Hole in the Bucket" is about?

"Hole in the Bucket" is about people asking me for change, and I felt I don't want to give this guy my change 'cause he's going to buy booze or whatever, and then I'd end up sitting down on my couch and it would shake with change underneath it, and I realized that all this time I was stressing out. The change didn't really change my life, but to someone else it might mean making it to the next day.

Franti on flag waving, in his song "Bomb the World."

"Please tell us the reasons behind the colors that you fly,

please tell us the reasons you want us to unify.

You say you're sorry, you say there is no other choice.

But how can you feel sorry when you're killing people with no voice?

You can chase down all your enemies, you can bring them to their knees.

You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."

Michael Franti and Spearhead spread the word Aug. 28 at the McDonald Theatre.


760 Blair Ave. - 342-4390
Sat 8/24: Jim Hershey--11 am
Su 8/25: Three Rivers Showcase--10; Acoustic

50 E. 11th - 344-0816
Su 8/25: Open Mic--9:30
Mo 8/26: Emerald City Sessions--9:30
Tu 8/27: Jessica & Shadow--9:30
We 8/28: Motherfunction--9:30; R&B

4136 4th St. Spfd. - 988-1612
Thu 8/22: Karaoke--10Sat
8/24: Daddy Buck, Ailment, Conception--10

115 W. Broadway - 484-9933
Fri 8/23: Del Ray, Steve James--9; hillbilly, smart ass country blues
Mo 8/26: Hershey's Showcase w/ Larissa Rudeen, Lori Kelley--8:30
Tu 8/27: Open Mic--8
We 8/28:Mark Alan--8:30

5th & Pearl - 484-4065
Thu 8/22: Skip Jones & Friends--9:30; Blues
Fri 8/23: Skip Jones & Friends--9:30; Blues
Sat 8/24: Eagle Park Slim--9:30; Blues
Tu 8/27: Blues Jam w/Byron Case--9:30
We 8/28: Nicolette Helm/friends--9:30

295 W. 17th St. - 485-2300
Fri 8/23: Sweet Papa Low Down--6; Swing

1432 Willamette - 338-9333
Thu 8/22: Poetry Lives w/Erik Muller, David Laing--8
Fri 8/23: Annavox, Abandon Ship, Carsie Bean Blue--7; Cello, pop
Sat 8/24: Rob Tobias & Friends--7

959 Pearl - 683-3855
Thu 8/22: Ladies '80s Night--9
Fri 8/23: Yummie Bootie Night w/Jon Smith, Tremor--9; Hip hop, dance classics, requests
Sat 8/24: Big Pimpin w/ Howie, Steve, Anmar--9; Hip house, disco
Su 8/25: Fetish Night w/Goddess Severina, DJs Perfida, Heath--9
We 8/28: Darkside Wednesdays w/DJs Hanif, Ceez--9; Underground hip hop, old school soul, R&B

165 W. 11th - 683-8101
Thu 8/22: Ladies' '80s & Retro Night--9
Fri 8/23: DJ Alpyne--9; Hip hop
Mo 8/26: Roosters Blues Jam--8

33100 Van Duyn Rd. - 684-8695
Thu 8/22: DJ Music--8; Country, rock
Fri 8/23: Karaoke--9
Sat 8/24: DJ Music--9
Su 8/25: DJ Music--9; '50s to present
Mo 8/26: Karaoke--9Tu 8/27: DJ Music--9; '50's to present
We 8/28: DJ Music--9; '70s-'80s

959 Pearl - 343-2346
Sat 8/24: Everybody Uh-Oh--9Su 8/25: Soul Food Night--9
Mo 8/26: Blue Monday--8
Tu: Ouija Tuesday--8
We 8/28: Down Low at the D Lo--9

1811 Hwy. 99 N. - 688-6564
Thu 8/22: Billy McCoy--9; Country
Fri 8/23: Michael Anderson Trio--9; Variety, country
Sat 8/24: Michael Anderson Trio--9; Variety, country
Su 8/25: Michael Anderson Trio--9; Variety, country
We 8/28: Billy McCoy--9; Country

4740 Main, Spfd - 747-7900
Thu 8/22: Ampt--9:15; Rock
Fri 8/23: Mr. Underhill, Northwest Royale--9:15; Rock
Sat 8/24: Blue Face, Wish--9:15; Rock
Su 8/25: Karaoke--7:30
Mo 8/26: Karaoke--7:30Tu 8/27: Jam with Anton--9:15
We 8/28: The Johnny Wild Band--9:15

375 E. 7th - 484-7181
Sat 8/24: Pond Rock--9:30; Southern rock


535 Main, Spfd - 747-0307
Fri 8/23: Grynch, Prodd--9
Sat 8/24: Ozone Baby--9
Mo 8/26: PELT--9
We 8/28: PELT--9

2435 Hilyard - 521-3389
Thu 8/22: Charlie Parker--6:30; Jazz
Fri 8/23: Thomas Mackay--6:30; Jazz
Sat 8/24: Charlie Parker--6:30; Jazz

21 Wst 6th Ave.
Fri 8/23: Tamaras--10; Acoustic guitar

259 E. 5th - 343-8488
Thu 8/22: Jo Fed's All Star Jazz Jam--9:30
Fri 8/23: Tim Wilcox Quartet--9:30; Jazz
Sat 8/24: Noah Petersen Quartet--9:30; Jazz
Su 8/25: Mark Allan--9
Mo 8/26: Chestnut Open Mic--10
Tu 8/27: Barbara Dzuro--8:30; Jazz
We: Paul Paydos Trio--9:30; Latin

5th St. Mkt - 338-9875
Fri 8/23: Greg Goebel--5:30; Jazz
Sat 8/24: Barbara Dzuro--5:30; Jazz

33140 Van Duyn Rd. - 686-8686
Thu 8/22: John Michaels--9; Country DJ
Sat 8/24: John Michaels--9; Country DJ
We 8/28: Coyote Ugly Night w/John Michaels--9; Country

30 E. Broadway - 434-5862
Thu 8/22: Olem Alves Quartet--9;
Fri 8/23: Roger Wendover, Ian Smith--7 Don Latarski's Rue de Blues w/Marilyn Keller--9; Blues, R&B
Sat 8/24: Roy Brewer--7 Ritmo de la Noche--9; Latin jazz
We 8/28: Hollis Ann Vipond--9

1010 Willamette St.
Fri 8/23: Morrissey--8We 8/28: Michael Franti and Spearhead--8; Funk, Reggae

27 E. 5th - 485-4444
Sat 8/24: Don Latarski Trio--8

770 S. Bertelsen - 342-5028
Thu 8/22: West Side Blues Jam--9
Sat 8/24: Dabbledooya--8; Classic rock

679 Lincoln St. - 683-7155Su 8/25: DJ Viran, DJ Kalia--6; New sounds of India

2105 W. 7th - 485-5925
We 8/28: Blues Jam--8

225 Coburg Rd. - 342-5181
Fri 8/23: Vaness Express--9:15; Rock
Sat 8/24: Vaness Express--9:15; Rock

3018 Gateway - 746-6000
Mo 8/26: Family Karaoke--5

100 E. Broadway - 484-1747
Thu 8/22: Cuban Wheel w/Mike & Simona--8
Fri 8/23: Fiesta Mexicana--10; Banda, cumbia, salsa
Sat 8/24: Sin Sentimientos--10
We 8/28: Beg. salsa w/Emilio Menendez--7

407 Blair - 431-6603
Thu 8/22: The Asylum Street Spankers--9
Fri 8/23: Hanuman--9:30
Sat 8/24: Old Time Jam--5
Danny Barnes, the Greasy Beans--9
Su 8/25: Bingo w/Jivan and Tom--8:30
Mo 8/26: Andrew Kerr--9
Tu 8/27: Bluegrass Jam--9; Jam rock
We: 7th Day Buskers--9; Acoustic

980 Oak - 345-6577
Thu 8/22: Ashbury Park, Amblin & Morgan--10; Acid folk rock
Fri 8/23: Contusion, Nail Mary, Eve's 2nd Sin, more--10; Metal, hardcore
Sat 8/24: Susan and the Surftones, The Brainwashers--10; Surf tunes
Mo 8/26: DJ C4's Explosion--9Tu 8/27: The Action Figures--10
We 8/28: Carmenzito, Grazing the Days to Come--9; Hardcore

444 E. 3rd - 484-2927
Thu 8/22: DJ Karaoke--6:30
Fri 8/23: DJ Mario--9; Cumbia, Banda, Merengue
Sat 8/24: Salsa, Merengue--10

Valley River Inn - 687-0123
Fri 8/23: Gus Russell, Lyn Berg Quartet--8
Sat 8/24: Mary Kadderly Trio--8

7th and Blair - 431-3871
Mo 8/26: Fuzz--7; Funk, jazz

894 E. 13th - 344-6174
Mo 8/26: DJ Tekneek--10

15th and Willamette - 342-8111
Sat 8/24: Olem Alves, Mike Hanns Duo--6; Jazz

394 Blair - 687-8383
Fri 8/23: Benefit for Cascadia Forest Defenders w/Danny Dolinger--10

922 Garfield - 345-3606
Sat 8/24: The Koozies, Dizzy Elmer--10; Alternative country, rock

169 W. 6th - 485-3825
Sat 8/24: Syrius Jones--9:30; Rock
Mo 8/26: Hatebreed, Glass Jaw, 2 Bucks Short--8

291 W. 8th - 687-2746
Thu 8/22: Good Riddance, Choke, Go For the Throat, Paint by Numbers--9; Punk rock
Fri 8/23: Floater all-acoustic evening--9; Acoustic rock
Sat 8/24: Monsterama! films w/Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, The Flesh Eaters--9; Film
Tu 8/27: Damo Suzuki's Network, Mood Area 52--9:30; Experimental rock, tango



500 SW 2nd St. - 753-7442
Fri 8/23: Madison & McCoy--8
Sat 8/24: Jessica Plotkin--8

777 NW 9th St. - 738-0580
Fri 8/23: Gary Reed--8

202 SW 1st. - 753-8533
Thu 8/22: Idiot Savants--9
Fri 8/23: Blues Jam--9Sat 8/24: Canon Lion of Judah--9--9

2nd St. - 754-0181|
Sat 8/24: Foshaug & Rose--7:30; Folk, rock

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