Floater & King Black Acid
Last New Year°s Eve, Floater arrived with two of the past year°s WOW Hall awards (Best Musical Performance and Favorite Male Performer,) tucked into their belts. Not one extra mouse was allowed to pass those hallowed doors once every ticket was sold, and the folks inside were treated to a special show. Now, see Floater in front of where a big screen used to be. Friday, McDonald Theatre.

  David Cross
Another funny fellow, Mr. Cross has a long list of credits. He was an Emmy-winning writer for The Ben Stiller Show. And he°s bald. If that doesn°t ring your bell, also note that he was in the terrific belt-slingling Hollywood film masterpiece, Pootie Tang. If you haven°t seen it, get°cher hiney down to the movie store. Taking over the stage in an evening with Ultrababyfat and Arlo. Sunday, WOW Hall.

  Brian Kenny Fresno
This guy°s straight up hilarious. He°s like Steve Martin meets Pee Wee Herman meets whatever shredder guitar player you know. You know like when someone°s so talented at some obscure task that you have to say they°re somewhat of a genius? Fresno°s like that, except that the end result of his task isn°t that obscure; it°s getting you to laugh at his personal, trademarked brand of comedic music. Twelve-string guitar/bass, electric crowd cheers, plastic flamingos and overhead-projected lyrics for the audience. I wouldn°t miss it for a free back-door pass to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Thursday, Sam Bond°s Garage.

  Freedom Funk Ensemble
If you took the word ¿localî and blew it up to a hundred feet tall, then smashed it into a giant meat grinder and leaned on the crank, the reconstituted matter oozing funkily from the spitting meat spigot would read FFE. These boys did the UO, they did stints at many local restaurants, and many of the squad were actually born in this little burg as well. Well, mommy°s little boys are all grown up, and they°re funky. Their new CD is titled Hard Bop Hop. Friday, Jo Federigo°s.


Unstoppable Arlo
Local and LA talent Highlight the week.
By Vanessa Salvia

Having listened to an advance copy of Arlo's new CD, I can say that you should not miss their upcoming show, June 2 at WOW Hall when they open for David Cross. With a release date slated for June 4th, Stab the Unstoppable Hero is another slab on the pop-rock continuum they began with their first length, the January 2001 Up High in the Night (title lifted from a line in an e. e. cummings poem). Hailing from Los Angeles, the musicians sound as if they haven't turned on their radios in at least five years, so completely and refreshingly absent from their music is any hint of nu-metal or alternative rock. Instead, it's full of a "cereal box optimism that stems from clever children who grow up into sardonic and lethally charming adults."

Arlo opens for comedian David Cross at the WOW Hall, Saturday.

The CD is, like the title, unstoppable. It flags only on one song, "Working Title," and then only in tempo, not in energy. Anyone who saw Arlo's last show at John Henry's with The French Kicks will recognize several of the songs on Stab from that night, including "Little American" and "Bus Stop."

You get the feeling from listening to this that the four boys in Arlo never slow down; that every day is like summer vacation for them, with a pop-tart breakfast. The two singers and guitarists, Nate Greely (an English major who worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News before dedicating himself to full-time music) and Sean Spillane met after moving from Texas to L.A. for college. After graduation, Greely and Spillane migrated to Pasadena, where they hooked up with the rest of what became Arlo: Shmed on bass and vocals and drummer Soup, both of whom were formerly in the L. A. band Holliston Stops. Former Further and Beachwood Sparks drummer, Tom Sanford, replaced Soup and the new band sojourned onward, spreading the gospel of the hormonally charged but harmlessly coffee-fueled defiant male.

The fastest way to the end of an Arlo song is through the catchiest hook; their songs are instantly likeable and packed with a fuzzy guitar power and a willingness to harmonize that exudes a bouncy impatience. "Runaround" is my favorite song on the album, a raucous, honky-tonk guitar fueled send-off to a girl who won't be true. There's no way you can sit still through this one. Overall, the group combines some of the best elements of the greatest pop-writers ever: the vocal harmonics of The Beatles' guitar crispness, the volume of Weezer, and a wry song-crafting approach ala Alex Chilton, but there's no mistaking Arlo's candy-coating.

David Jacobs-Strain and Tsunami Books are geared up for a June 1 release of his new CD, Stuck On The Way Back. Though only 18, Jacobs-Strain has been playing guitar for nine years. Nurtured in the blues-loving community of Eugene, he discovered a soul and passion for blues music early on by having seen such noteworthy acts as Taj Mahal and Walker T. Ryan at WOW Hall. Never fearful of the stage or performing, he seems to be a natural at communicating with an audience.

His first out-of-town gig was at Seattle's Folklife Festival at age 12, and the shows have just kept coming since. His new CD, Stuck, never holds back, especially on his original tunes. Despite his age, he shows an amazing maturity in his blues vocal styling, plus he continues to earn respect for his fast-flying finger picking and slide-guitar mastery. Catch a local blues phenom while he's on the rise; you won't be sorry.

More noteworthy shows: Cafe Paradiso will host Electric Angel Thursday, a trio of women playing day-glo electric harps. Floater and Portland's King Black Acid will tear down the McDonald Friday, while that same night Rubberneck will inspire the Wild Duck with urban and funky Latin sounds. Five Iron Frenzy will appear at WOW Friday. Portland-based guitarist Margaret Slovak will grace Cafe Paradiso Friday. EPD, a Eugene punk band made up of four high school kids, will perform Saturday at North Eugene High School auditorium along with 800 Octane, Monkee Torture, Blockhead and Boston Dock's Oister Boys. !!! (the band, pronounced as any three repetitive percussive sounds) will perform at WOW Wednesday.

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Adam's Place
30 E. Broadway * 344-6948

174 E. Broadway. * 342-4141

Bacari Restaurant
1210 Willamette * 343-8404

Bagel Bakery
760 Blair Ave. * 342-4390
Su: Three Rivers Showcase--10; Acoustic

152 W. 5th * 342-3378
Fri: Johanna--7; Alternative
Sat: 2nd Crass Act--8; Variety rock

2465 Hilyard * 344-0221

Black Forest
50 E. 11th * 344-0816
Thur: Amblin & Morgan--9:30
Fri: Christie & McCallum-9:30
Sat: Christie & McCallum--9:30
Su: Open Mic--9:30
Mo: Emerald City Sessions--9:30 Tu: Jessica & Shadow--9:30
We: Darcy Lee Band--9:30

Bliss Steak Ranch
2891 W. 11th * 484-6657
Fri: Coupe Deville--9; ´50s
Sat: Coupe Deville--9; ´50s

5 Oakway Center * 345-6072

The Brickhouse
4136 4th St. Spfd. * 988-1612

Buzz Coffeehouse
EMU, UO * 346-3725

Cafe Paradiso AA NS
115 W. Broadway * 484-9933
Thur: Electric Angel--8:30; Electric harp trio
Fri: Margaret Slovak--9
Su: Big Mouth Open Mic--7
Tu: Open Mic--9
We: Justin King--8:30

5th & Pearl * 484-4065
Thu: Skip Jones--9:30; Blues
Fri: Barbara Dzuro & Friends--9:30; Jazz
Sat: T-Bone Weldon--9:30; Blues
Tu: Blues Jam w/Byron Case--9:30
We: Steve Ibach--9:30; Acoustic

Cheerful Tortoise
730 E. Broadway * 517-9291

295 W. 17th *485-2300

Cozmic Pizza
1432 Willamette * 338-9333
Fri: Annavox, Abandon Ship, Champagne Syndicate--8

737 Main St. * 741-3366

Cypress Restaurant
99 W. Broadway * 683-3800

959 Pearl * 683-3855
Thu: Kokblok, DRock, DMoe, Ben and Gavin--9
Fri: Yommie Bootie Nite--9; DJs DRock and Tremor
Sat: Big Pimpin°--9; House, disco w/ Won, Howie, Steve, Anmar
Su: Kung Fu Porno--9; Hip hop
We: Revolver--9; Hip hop w/Steve, Howie and JT

Doc's Pad
165 W. 11th * 683-8101
Thu: DJ Mike--9; Hip hop
Fri: DJ Alpyne--9; '80s Dance
Tu: Open mic w/Pete Christie--9

Don Juans #2
33100 Van Duyn Rd. -- 684-8695
Thur: DJ Music--8; Country, rock
Fri: Karaoke--9
Sat: DJ Music--9
Su: DJ Music--°50s to present
Mo: Karaoke--9
Tu: DJ Music--°50°s to present
We: DJ Music--9; ´70s-°90s

Double Tree Hotel
I-5 & Beltline * 726-8181
Thur: Dan Henson°s Klassic Karaoke--9
Fri: Dan Henson°s Klassic Karaoke--9
Sat: Dan Henson°s Klassic Karaoke--9
We: Dan Henson°s Klassic Karaoke--9

Downtown Lounge
959 Pearl * 683-3855
Thur: L-80s Night--9
Fri: Idle Rich, Shinola, Softcore--9
Sat: Cosmo°s Raging Family, Turntable FU--9
Su: Open Turntable Night-9
Mo: Death in Eugene--10
Tu: New Town Animals, more--10
We: Revolver--9

Duck Inn
1795 W. 6th * 342-5729

Embers Supper Club
1811 Hwy. 99 N. * 688-6564
Thur: Billy McCoy--9
Fri: Michael Anderson Trio--9; Variety, country

Eugene Wine Cellars
255 Madison * 342-2600

790 East 14th * 344-4471

Feinstein's Museum
537 Willamette * 683-7817

Fifth St. Public Mkt.
5th & High * no phone

Fool's Paradise
460 Willamette * 338-9733

780 Blair Blvd. * 681-9212

4740 Main, Spfd * 747-7900
Fri: Prodd, Fungus, Mozaic--9:15; New heavy rock
Sat: Johnny Wilde Band, Rock Steady--9:15
Su: Karaoke--7:30 Tu: Jam with Anton--9:15
We: The Johnny Wild Band--9:15

Game Day Sports Bar
1156 Hwy 99N *688-8901

990 Oak St. * 342-2659

Good Times
375 E. 7th * 484-7181

50 E. 11th * 343-8108

Hilton Ballroom
66 E. 6th * 342-2000

Hollywood Taxi
535 Main, Spfd. * 747-0307
Sat: Blueface--9; Rock

Hop House
2750 Roosevelt * 461-2081

Humble Bagel
2435 Hilyard * 521-3389
Thur: Charlie Parker--6:30
Fri: Thomas Mackay--6:30
Sat: Charlie Parker--6:30

Hungry Duck
30 Country Club Rd * 484-6963

Jakes Restaurant
605 W. 19th * 431-0513

Jim's Landing
303 Main St. Spfd * 726-7570

Jimmy Mac's
770 S. Bertelsen * 342-5028

Jo Federigo's
259 E 5th * 343-8488
Thur: Jo Fed°s All Star Jazz Jam Session--9:30
Fri: Freedom Funk Ensemble CD release party--9:30
Sat: J.C. Rico--9:30 Su: Mark Allan--9
Mo: Chestnut Open Mic--10 Tu: Barbara Dzuro--8:30; Jazz
We: Paul Paydos Trio--9:30; Latin

Jogger's Bar and Grill
710 Willamette * 343-0224

Juanita's Hideaway
645 River Road * 463-8375
Thur: Karaoke with Diamond Jim--9

44 E. 7th * 683-5160

The Keg Tavern
4711 W. 11th * 345-5563

Lavelle Wine Bar
5th St. Mkt * 338-9875
Fri: Gus Russell--5:30; Classic jazz piano
Sat: John Crider--5:30; Jazz

Lone Star Bar & Grill
Thur: Jon Michael--9; Country DJ jam session
Fri: Jon Michael--9; Country DJ jam session
We: Coyote Ugly Night w/John Michaels--9; Country

Lord Leebrick Theatre
5th and Chanelton * 334-4435

The Love Cafe
145 Pioneer Pkwy Spfd * 763-5710

Luckey's Pub
933 Olive * 687-4643

28 E. Broadway * 344-1266
Thur: Laura Kemp, TR Kelly--8:30
Fri: Jeff Baxter-9:30; Groovy party music
Sat: Tim Clarke°s Soul-tet--9:30
Tu: Erik Muiderman--8:30; Acoustic
We: Deco Moon Jazz--8:30

Max's Tavern
550 E. 13th * 349-8986

McDonald Theatre
1010 Willamette
Fri: Floater, King Black Acid--9; Rock

Meridian Building
18th & Willamette * no phone

730 E. Broadway * 344-6673

Mulligan's Pub
2841 Willamette * no phone
Thu: Open mic w/Pete Christie--9

1417 Villard * 338-0334

Nite Owl (Ramada Inn)
225 Coburg * 342-5181

The Old Pad
3355 E. Amazon * 686-5022

23 W 6th * 683-2746

Oregon Electric Station
27 E. 5th * 485-4444
Fri: Don Latarski--8; Jazz
Sat: Don Latarski--8; Jazz

Our Place Tavern
796 Hwy 99 N.

Out of the Fog
450 Willamette * 687-0709

Overtime Tavern
770 S. Bertelsen * 342-5028

999 Willamette * 484-4011
Sat: Animated Furniture--8; Jazz

Planet Golooka
679 Lincoln * 683-7155
Su: DJ Viran, DJ Kalia--6; Indo

2105 W. 7th * 345-2617
We: Blues Jam--8

Ramada Inn
225 Coburg Rd. * 342-5181
Fri: Valley Boys--9:15; Rock
Sat: Valley Boys--9:15; Rock

The New Rascals
211 Washington * 345-2617

Red Lion Inn
205 Coburg Rd * 342-5201

Rick's Pub
20 Hwy 99 N. * 344-3074
We: Open mic w/Pete Christie--8

River Rd. Grill & Bar
645 River Rd. * 463-8375

3018 Gateway St. * 746-6000

Rock 'n' Rodeo
44 E. 7th * 683-5160

Rumba Room
100 E. Broadway * 484-1747
Thur: Miami Style Salsa-8
Fri: Fiesta Latina--10
Sat: Salsa, Merengue--10

Safari Room
3280 Gateway * 726-8181

844 E. 13th * 343-6817

Sam Bond's Garage
407 Blair Blvd * 343-2635
Thur: Brian Kenny Fresno--9; Comedy alternative projected jam songs
Fri: Jim Paige--9:30; Folk
Sat: Son Mela°o--9:30; Cuban dance
Su: Misty River--8:30; Bluegrass
Mo: Living Daylights--9; Jazz Tu: Bluegrass Jam--9
We: Eliza Gilkyson--9

Sam's Place
825 Wilson * 484-4455
Fri: Karaoke--8 Sat: Mixed Blood--9; Classic rock

Samurai Duck 
990 Oak St. * 345-6577
Thur: Ten Thousand Fold Form, Juice, Break Squad--9; Hip hop
Fri: I-Chelle and the Circle of Light, DJ Frank--9; Roots rock reggae
Sat: Hillbilly Holocaust, Grynch, Whiskey Rebels, The Capsules--10
Mo: Degobah System--10 Tu: Necrosluts, Ailment, more--10
We: Idiot Savant, Mosaic, more--10

Senor Frog's
444 E. 3rd * 484-2927
Thur: DJ Karaoke--6:30
Fri: DJ Mario--9; Cumbia, Banda, Merengue
Sat: DJ Jose Cruz--10; Salsa, Merengue

1195 Main, Spfd. * 736-5177

1714 Main St. Spfd * 726-0113

205 E.18th * 465-9813

Stafford's Hop House
2750 Roosevelt * 461-2018
Thur: Easy Money Trio--9

1475 Mohawk, Spfd * 744-0811

Valley River Inn * 687-0123
Fri: Gus Russell, Lyn Burg Quartet--8; Jazz
Sat: Gus Russell, Lyn Burg Quartet--8; Jazz
We: KUJZ Jazz Listener Appreciation Night--6

Taco Loco
900 W. 7th
Mo: Stone Cold Jazz w/ Kenny Reed--6

1704 E. Main, Cottage Grove

894 E. 13th * 344-6174
Mo: DJ Tekneek--10; Hip hop

Tino's Restaurant
15th and Willamette * 342-8111
Sat: Olem Alves, Mike Hanns--6; Jazz

Tiny Tavern
894 E. 13th * 344-6174

TJ'S Lounge
365 E. Oregon * 895-3109

Toshi's Ramen
1520 Pearl * 683-7833

Tsunami Books
2585 Willamette * 345-8986
Sat: David Jacobs-Strain CD release concert--8
Su: Playback Theatre--7

950 Kruse Way * 726-1726

23 West 6th * 484-9669

Valley River Inn
1000 Valley R. Way * 687-0123

Waterfront Bar & Grill
2210 Centennial * 465-4506

922 Garfield * 345-3606

Wild Duck Hall NS
169 W. 6th * 485-3825
Thur: Lapdog, Perusa, Ian Moore--8:30; Rock
Fri: Rubberneck--9:30; Funk
Sat: Shelly James Musicbox--9:30; Soul, funk, gospel, jazz

The Woodsman
117 S. 14th * 741-0150

291 W. 8th * 687-2646
Thur: Big Venus, Killroy, Nameless--8:30; Rock
Fri: Five Iron Frenzy, RX Bandits, Dynamite Boy, Reunion Show--8
Sat: Community Dance Festival party w/ Lazoo--8
Su: David Cross, Ultrababyfat, Arlo--8:30; Comedy, rock
We: Trans Am, !!!, Pines of Nowhere--8:30; Rock

Yukon Jack's Saloon
Fri: Symptoms--9 Sat: Symptoms--9

Corvallis Clubs
137 SW. Second * 758-4582
Su: Nairobi Boys--6

The Beanery
500 SW Second * 753-7442
Fri: Tim Avilla--8 Sat: Jake Reichner--8; Acoustic rock

Bombs Away Cafe
2527 NW Monroe
Sat: Sugar Beets--9:30; Bluegrass

Borders Corvallis
777 NW 9th St. * 738-0580
Fri: Gary Reed--8; Acoustic guitar

Creekside Coffee
5210 SW. Philomath * 752-8098

Fox & Firken
202 SW. First * 753-8533

Gill Coliseum
Oregon State Univ. * 737-1000

Headline Cafe
300 SW Jefferson *758-1642

La Sells Stewart Center
OSU * 752-5435

Majestic Theatre
115 SW. Second * 766-6977
Fri: Alan Jones Sextet--8; Jazz

New Morning Bakery
219 SW. Second * 754-0181
Sat: Pete Ballerstadt, Criaig Risley, Matt Neely, Ralph Penunuri--7

Odd Fellows Hall
223 SW. Second * 752-3023

Old World Deli
341 SW. Second * 752-8549

Peacock Tavern
125 SW. 2nd * 754-8522

Squirrels Tavern
100 SW Second * 753-8057

Sweets Barbecue
225 SW. Fourth * 754-3663

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