Law of the Wild
Civil disobedience, wolf recovery, hemp politics, Nader and other reports from the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

  John Trudell
  Sister Prejean
News Briefs:  Pro-Business Bias | Get the Meat Out | Nearby Nature Fun | Fighting CAFTA
The Defense Rests: UO conference indicts the death penalty Part II.
Burden of Proof: Gravel vs. Family Farms, Part III -- a guide to commission discussions.
Happening People: George Karn.
PLUS: WebSitings.

Insider Baseball: Parallel Universe: Report from the second special session.
Living Out: Year of the Phlegm: Not just anybody messes with my chi.
Letters: EW readers sound off.

What's Happening: Entertainment highlights.
Calendar: The week's events at a glance.
Galleries: Art events and exhibits in local galleries.
Movies: Lois Wadsworth reviews The Devil's Backbone. PLUS: Movie Listings and Video Releases.
Music: Too much to choose from this week. PLUS: Clubs Listings.
Visual Arts:
Multi-faceted show at Maude Kerns.
Performance: OSF's Macbeth train wreck.
On golden eggs.
Plus: Booknotes.

Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology

Spring Planting Guide


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