Hell Comes to Hippietown
Raw American spectacle collides with Eugene's refined sensibilities. OUCH!

  News: Removing Barriers II
  Music: Raging Teens
  Calendar: Angels in America
News Briefs:  An Eye On Planning | All For One... | Under Wraps | Early Deadlines
News: The Big Juice -- Enron may generate electricity, profits and pollution near Coburg.
News: Removing Barriers II -- Who speaks out for sexual minorities' health issues in Eugene?
Happening People: Juan Carlos Valle
Insider Baseball: Final Stretch: Many important issues, needs go begging as Legislature enters last few weeks.
Viewpoint: It's Only Money: Wages and the Bush Mafia exposed.
Living Out: Thanks for Sharing: What's it like to be straight? I really wanna know.
Letters: EW readers sound off.

Spring Gardening Guide
Feeding your foodweb; hazards of genetically modified organisms; spring gardening tips. Plus: Spring Planting Guide.

EXTRA: FTAA Protest Photos from Quebec City and Blaine, Wash.

What's Happening: Entertainment highlights.
Calendar: The week's events at a glance.
Galleries: Art events and exhibits in local galleries.
Movies: Lois Wadsworth reviews Shrek and The Center of the World. PLUS: Movie Listings and Video Releases.
Music: Brett Cox previews local student musicians' year-end roundup; Vanessa Salvia previews this week's local music shows. PLUS: Clubs Listings.
Performance: Aria Seligmann previews Angels in America.
Food: Mango margaritas and fish burritos at Mucho Gusto.
Booknotes: Readings and upcoming literary events.


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